A United Voice in Malaysia

The Deanery of the Diplomatic Corps stands as a testament to the international commitment by all diplomatic missions, embassies, high commissions and consulates, to lend a united voice in Malaysia.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps

More than a hundred diplomatic missions have headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. This reflects the high interest that the world has in Malaysia: a country with a dynamic, modern, well-structured and targeted external policy. The entire diplomatic corps accredited here has a constant and fruitful relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wismaputra, and with the most diverse public and private institutions in Malaysia.


This website provides relevant information from the various missions that make up the diplomatic corps accredited to Malaysia. It has a billboard of events to come, such as the National Day celebrations of a particular country, as well as cultural, commercial or political events that embassies want to organise and promote. You may find here the updated list of precedence of the diplomatic corps, and key data for each embassy or high commission, among other sections.


This page will be enriched by the contributions and initiatives of each embassy.

We know that good communication enables better execution of our missions. We hope this web site help us to be better communicated.









Manuel Guzman

Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Malaysia